The Science of Buzzwords and How It Can Raise Your Brand Awareness

When it comes to brand awareness, content development plays a huge role. Creating dynamic, shareable content can actually become quite scientific. The other good news – it’s not rocket science. In this post, we’ll dive into the art and science of content development and how buzzwords play a significant role. Buzzwords Raises your Brand Awareness and Social Media Marketing.

Social-Media-Optimization-Services-IndiaEffective Buzzwords in Social Media Marketing

There are several buzzwords that motivate your audience/readers to share your content with their networks. When crafting blog posts, headlines containing words like “huge”, “surprising”, “smart”, and “hacks” are more often shared by readers than headlines that don’t contain these phrases. With Twitter, tweets that get shared the most are usually asking users to do something, or making a big announcement. These use commanding phrases like, “Please Retweet”, “Follow”, “Check it out”. When it comes to Facebook, it is important to focus on creating a particular feeling. Shareable Facebook content is highly motivational. It inspires and amuses through strong visuals and catchy copy.

Why This Word Science is Important

Knowing what words have performed best in a blog post headline, tweet or Facebook post is an incredibly powerful tool for marketers. It takes a certain amount of guesswork out of the content creation process and empowers you to take control over how you are framing your brand messages. Of course, it’s important to realize that this is not a rigid science. Social media services are evolving constantly because users are evolving constantly. Users follow your brand because they love the products/services you deliver. Using key buzzwords in your copy can serve as a starting point, but is not the end destination. You already know who your ideal customers are – now go talk to them with the help of a few key phrases. In this way these buzzwords attracts and let people like and share interesting contents and material. And this kind of thing also enhances your brand value and social media marketing.

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