Benefits of Social Media Marketing to Increase the Traffic

Benefits of Social Media Marketing to Increase the Exposure

In part the strength of this benefit is due to the fact that marketers must be present where their potential audience is. 92% of marketers benefit from social media marketing to increase exposure.



Remember that multiple impressions are needed before prospects act.
Also, it’s an easy answer that doesn’t require hard analytics, the way that lead generation, sales and expenses do.
Actionable Social Media Marketing Tips:

  • Tailor the content you share by social media platform. Social media is NOT one-size-fits-all. Your social media efforts will drive better results if they’re adapted by platform.
  • Use images. Make your content stand out by incorporating attention grabbing visuals. People process images faster than text.
  • Write attention grabbing headlines. Realize that only 20% of your readers will get past your headline according to Madman David Ogilvy. Make them work harder.
  • Brand your social media content. Incorporate your 360° brand into every interaction you make on social media to support your image.
  • Drip out social media optimization shares over time. Where appropriate, chop your content into small bite-size shares. This works well with tips and quotes.
  • Add social sharing icons to your owned content. Encourage your audience to help distribute your content more broadly.
  • Involve influencers and fans in your social sharing. This doesn’t mean make a pest of yourself but rather ask others to help you where they’ve been involved in the creation process.

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