Benefits of Social Media Marketing to Increase the Fan Following

Remember that not all fans are created equal. 72% of marketers benefit from social media marketing to develop loyal fans.

To support loyal fans, you need to be present and engaged on social media. This means regular interactions.

social media optimization

Fans that have purchased from you in the past provide credibility that’s hard to acquire as a marketer. Marketers are learning that most fans become fans post-purchase, according to research by Synapse.

Many prospects will follow your company just for the special offers or discounts.

Actionable Social Media Tips:

  1. Build your social media fanbase. Make targeted offers and special content only on social media so that your customers will want to be associated with you there.
  2. Leverage your website and other owned media to build your fan base.  Social media fans rarely happen without marketing. You need to leverage each element of your marketing mix to support this goal.
  3. Use your follow up emailing to drive fans. Ask fans in your emailing and other content to like you on Facebook.
  4. Include a call-to-action on your post purchase email to encourage photo sharing and reviews. Go one step beyond the easy fan action. Ask new owners to strut their stuff wearing your stuff. Bear in mind Instagram is starting to hit its stride with buyers.
  5. Encourage fans to invite their friends. The logic is that people are friends with other people who share their interests. Of course, with social media services you may need to make them a special offer!

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