Benefits of Social Media Marketing to Generate Leads

Leverage the power of social media to grow both the quantity and quality of your leads. Understand that social media marketing is part of the sales process but not necessarily the entire thing.  (To help you with your lead generation, check out these best lead generation tips ever!!!)

Social Media Optimization Services

Most of this gets down to offering the 5 basic content formats. 66% of marketers benefit from social media marketing to generate leads.

Actionable Social Media Marketing Tips:

  1. Answer your customers’ purchase related questions. If you don’t, your competitors may! This should be a no-brainer because your entire customer facing employees answers them on a regular basis. Don’t take my word for it, see how Marcus Sheridan generated $2 million by answering 1 key question about his pool company.
  2. Offer ratings and reviews. This is scary for most marketers. Understand that customers trust other customers more than they trust your marketing communications. If you’ve got a problem, fix it and respond to upset customers. Skip the Teflon “We’re sorry!”
  3. Use premium social media options to extend your reach. Pay to collect prospect information and be able to continue the conversation. This is particularly useful on social media optimization services like SlideShare.

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