Benefits of Social Media Marketing to Improve Sales

While sales should be higher on this list of benefits, the bottom line is that it’s difficult to attribute revenues back to each piece of marketing touched. Therefore, the last piece of social media marketing used often gets credit for delivering the sale.


Yet in today’s multi-platform, multi-device world, the reality is that multiple pieces of marketing contribute to a purchase. 50% of marketers benefit from social media marketing to improve sales.

Further, since much of the sales process occurs before the marketer is aware that the customer is in purchase mode, it’s unlikely they can track these results.

Actionable Social Media Marketing Tips:

  1. Incorporate a contextually relevant social media call-to-action. Encourage social media followers to take the next step such as signing up for emails or looking at product on your website. Don’t ask for “personal” information upfront (Note: This includes mobile phone numbers!)
  2. Offer targeted discounts and deals on your social media platforms with care. Be careful since you don’t want to train your followers to show up only for deals. To this end provide other useful content and fan support.
  3. Create tailored landing pages. Encourage social media fans to engage with you on your site. Keep the scent of your marketing consistent.
  4. Take your time romancing your prospects. Don’t expect your social media services followers to convert to buyers immediately. They’re on social media to socialize with their family and friends not to get sold to.

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