Why You May Be Losing Followers on Twitter (Continued)??  

This is to be continued post of my previous post enjoy the reasons and don’t let them loose your followers.

Reason #11: Not tweeting regularly

There are several programmes out there that can analyse which of your followers are ‘dead wood’ due to not tweeting very often. One of these programmes is Tweet Adder (see my product review of their new 4.0 update). I stop following people if I don’t see any action on their account for 6 weeks. I assume many other people do the same. If you want to keep your followers, be sure to stay active on Twitter.

Reason #12: Tweeting TOO frequently

I’ve seen some Twitter accounts Tweet almost non-stop (sometimes as frequently as twice a minute!), flooding my Twitter stream. This is a sure-fire way to get unfollowed. The only people who might have an excuse for such high frequency Tweeting are global newswires.

Reason #13: Tweeting the same thing over and over

I Tweet many times a day, typically about every 10 minutes. However, I have THOUSANDS of Tweets that I rotate, and I am continually creating more content every week. But Tweeting the same thing over and over with little or no variation is bound to get you un-followed. Why would I follow you if nothing is ever new?

Reason #14: No original content

Sharing other people’s content is great, but sometimes that’s ALL people do on Twitter. These people will ReTweet whatever strikes their fancy at the time, and don’t have any particular focus. After a while, their followers might get tired of them and unfollow them. Don’t rely solely on ReTweeting if you expect to grow your following. People what to know who YOU are; work on creating your own presence.

Reason #15: Your Tweets are irrelevant to your followers

It’s a given that if your followers are not interested in your Tweets, they’ll unfollow you. The best way to ensure people stay following you is to actively seek out people who share your interests and follow them first.

Reason #16: Your Tweets don’t make sense

A heck of a lot of people doesn’t bother to READ their own Tweets through the eyes of their followers before they post them. I’ve scratched my head on numerous occasions trying to figure out what someone meant by one of their Tweets. If I can’t make heads or tails about what someone is talking about, I’ll unfollow them. Oh, and ‘making sense’ goes for bios too.

Reason #17: Every Tweet is a ‘sales’ Tweet

If you do nothing but Tweet stuff like ‘Check out our such-and-such deals’ or ‘Get my book on Amazon’ or even ‘Find us on Facebook’, watch your numbers decline. And, if you’re a spammer trying to ‘sell’ followers, please just give up!

Reason #18: Following too MANY people compared to your followers

If you follow WAY more people than follow you (like 10 times more), it tells people you’re either really unpopular or really aggressive. Besides, if you follow 1000 people and very few follow you back, you’ll be stuck at the ‘Twitter wall’. This means new people will be unlikely to follow you because you won’t be able to follow them back (see my book Tweep-e-licious for more information on the ‘Twitter wall’ and how to get un-stuck).

Reason #19: Following too FEW people compared to your followers

If I see 10 people following you, and you are only following 10 of them, this tells people you are not very engaging. Unless you’re a public figure of some kind in whom I have an interest, I’d be unlikely to follow you because I’d assume you’d ignore me.

Reason #20: Your CONTENT is disproportionate to your following

Sometimes I see people following close to 10 people and they’ve only Tweeted a few times (or sometimes not at all). Without content, those you have followed are unlikely to follow you back. This type of behavior sends the message that you are following people in a contrived way rather than organically.

Conversely, I see people with maybe a few hundred followers, and they’ve Tweeted tens of thousands of times. This tells me they have a tendency to over-saturate a small number of people, which is also not a good sign. I look for balance and proportion in someone’s account before I follow it. If they have 10,000 followers, sending out 10,000 Tweets (over time) is proportionate. But if they have 500 followers and they’ve sent out 10,000 Tweets within a couple of weeks, that’s overkill.

Don’t forget to read my previous post where I mentioned about other 10 such reasons If didn’t then check it out here social media optimization and visit us at social media marketing services.

Closing thoughts

Twitter is a HUGE part of my business. It is also directly responsible for about two-thirds of my website traffic. I believe in the power of Twitter, but I also know that, in order to succeed, your marketing strategies have to be organic, relevant, consistent and engaging:

Organic – don’t force your following to grow. Think arithmetically. If you’re just starting out, follow a few people every day. As your following grows, follow a larger number of people a day.

Relevant – The best way to ensure people follow you (and don’t UN-follow you) is to make sure you connect with the right people in the first place. Make sure your content has great informational value and that the people you seek are interested in the content you intend to share with them.

Consistent – Tweet regularly and make sure your message, brand, language, etc. are all consistent. Without consistency, you’ll confuse your audience; without regularity, you’ll lose their interest. Show up!

Engaging – Don’t just go on Twitter to ‘get’. GIVE to people. Give them great content. Follow them back. Speak to them. Get to know people.

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Difference between Traditional Marketing and Social Media Marketing

Traditional Marketing:

Mostly everyone thinks of marketing as the business of promoting and selling products or services.

Marketers commonly refer to a “pyramid” to describe the way they attract new prospects and convert them into customers.

social media optimization

What Do We Mean By Pyramid?

Traditionally, we’ve prioritized our limited resources and time on trying to find and convert new prospects (the top of the pyramid).Keeping those hard-earned customers (the bottom of the pyramid) has often been an afterthought.

That’s because, until recently, there was little we could do to keep existing customers that was drastically different from the tactics used to attract new ones.

Historically, the best you could do after turning a prospect into a customer was to provide a great customer experience and just hope they come back to buy more—and bring their friends with them.

But technology, namely social media and email, has changed the game.

Social Media Marketing:social media optimization

But in case of social media marketing what we do is the reverse the reversing the pyramid .

Social Media Marketing is about recognizing that your existing customers are your best assets.And technology now enables us to influence consumer behavior both before and after the sale.

With low-cost and easy-to-use tools like social media and email, you no longer have to hope that customers come back and bring their friends with them.Now you can reach out to your existing customers to remind them to come back, and make word-of-mouth as easy as clicking the share, like, or tweet buttons.

Bottom line: successful businesses understand that marketing does not end with the sale, but rather it begins after the first sale (the bottom of the traditional sales pyramid).

Social Media is an Important Part of Your Marketing Mix, but Not the Only One:

Social media marketing is not a replacement for other marketing tactics and we highly recommend that you continue to do what has worked for you in the past.

Traditional marketing activities that still work for you, like advertising in a newspaper, sending direct mail and attending networking events, are still essential.

However, for most, social media marketing is now a critical component of an effective marketing strategy.

In fact, social media marketing works best when combined with other marketing activities especially email marketing.

Get Seen! How to Optimize Your News Feed of Facebook

Now that you are up and running on Facebook, we have something to tell you… not everything you post will get seen by all of your fans. We know, we know. How could that be?  Well Facebook does their best to make sure its users aren’t overwhelmed by messages they don’t want. In this section we’ll show you how this works and what you can do about it with News Feed Optimization (NFO).

While NFO doesn’t necessarily sound like the most powerful marketing tool in your arsenal… trust us, you’ll start to appreciate its power soon.

We’re going to show you data from BrandGlue, a company that helps brands reach more eyeballs by ranking higher in the newsfeed algorithm using NFO. They’ve helped a lot of businesses, including Intel, icanhascheezburger Networks/Fail Blog/LOLCats, Microsoft, Mint.com, the Washington Redskins, and Kiva.

The Truth about Facebook Pages


Marketers often think Facebook Pages equal “fan websites,” so they build lots of fancy tabs.

In reality though, research shows that 96% of fans never even revisit fan pages once they’ve “liked” them. That means that in most cases your fans see your posts in the personal newsfeeds and decide whether to “like” it, comment on it, share it, or do nothing right in their newsfeed, not on your Facebook Page.Fans won’t treat your Facebook Page like a website they visit and read, instead they’ll interact with it if you’re doing the right things.Content that attracts your fans’ attention in their newsfeed is the holy grail.

Effective Facebook strategies focus on content that looks compelling in a user’s newsfeed to generate likes, comments, and shares.

                                               The Facebook Algorithm

smo (1)

What is the Facebook Newsfeed Algorithm?

We’re not going to get into all of the details, but what you need to know is:

Facebook didn’t want to crowd your newsfeed, so they created an algorithm that hides content it thinks you might skip anyway.

That means that just because you post something to your fans, it doesn’t mean they’ll all see it.

Unfortunately, average fan Pages rank low in the algorithm so that 50-70% of fans never see the content in their newsfeed.

You need to focus on driving the actions that impact NFO “like” impressions, likes, and comments.

Impressions Are Your Best Friend

Lots of people look at Facebook Insights and get confused about why their total impressions are higher than their total number of fans. Total impressions are a count of everything, but what you should really care about is unique impressions -how many different people you reach, not how many times you reach one person.  And how many impressions you get are what measures how often you show up in fans newsfeeds.

If you want to rank extra high in the algorithm, you might want to hire an NFO agency (such as BrandGlue). It’s similar to SEO, except it’s for the Facebook newsfeed. And it’s very effective at reaching more eyeballs.

Math Equation for the Algorithm/Impressions

Unique Impressions / Total Fans = X

Average fan page reaches X% of their fan base (calculated by taking unique impressions/total fans).

Six Tips for Optimizing Your News feed and Status Updates

  1. As with all social media, creating great content is the key to social media marketing success. Here are six tips to help you get noticed in the Facebook newsfeed.
  2. Be human! People come to Facebook to interact, not to buy your product or read every blog post you’ve written.
  3. Keep your status updates short & sweet, otherwise folks won’t read them.
  4. Remember that your fans like photos and videos so include rich media if possible.
  5. Think about time of day: what time are your most of fans online and checking Facebook?
  6. Use the 80/20 principle: Post 80% about things related to common interest of your fan base, 20% directly related to your brand/company.
  7. Don’t post more than 1-2 status updates per day, otherwise fans who see your content will get irritated and un-like your fan page right in their newsfeed.

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Benefits of Social Media Marketing to Improve Sales

While sales should be higher on this list of benefits, the bottom line is that it’s difficult to attribute revenues back to each piece of marketing touched. Therefore, the last piece of social media marketing used often gets credit for delivering the sale.


Yet in today’s multi-platform, multi-device world, the reality is that multiple pieces of marketing contribute to a purchase. 50% of marketers benefit from social media marketing to improve sales.

Further, since much of the sales process occurs before the marketer is aware that the customer is in purchase mode, it’s unlikely they can track these results.

Actionable Social Media Marketing Tips:

  1. Incorporate a contextually relevant social media call-to-action. Encourage social media followers to take the next step such as signing up for emails or looking at product on your website. Don’t ask for “personal” information upfront (Note: This includes mobile phone numbers!)
  2. Offer targeted discounts and deals on your social media platforms with care. Be careful since you don’t want to train your followers to show up only for deals. To this end provide other useful content and fan support.
  3. Create tailored landing pages. Encourage social media fans to engage with you on your site. Keep the scent of your marketing consistent.
  4. Take your time romancing your prospects. Don’t expect your social media services followers to convert to buyers immediately. They’re on social media to socialize with their family and friends not to get sold to.

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Benefits of Social Media Marketing to Grow Business Partnerships

While social media marketing is more likely to yield business partnerships for B2B marketers than B2C marketers based on the research, underestimate this benefit at your peril.

Also, this is more important for small businesses with limited resources since you can make your business appear larger than it is. 58% of marketers benefit from social media marketing to grow business partnerships.

social media optimization

Every business works with other businesses in one form or another such as suppliers, and distributors. Assume that the executives and sales team are looking at your presence and your employees’ presence on social media at a minimum to gain insights to help their business relations.

Remember in today’s social media services connected world chances are that your business contacts and future employees are following your activity as well as that of your employees on social media.

Actionable Social Media Marketing Tips:

  1. Set social media guidelines for your entire organization. Don’t limit this to your social media managers. This means all of your employees and customers. Consider what they can do as employees and as private individuals.
  2. Create a business presence on the major social media platforms. At a minimum, consider Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.
  3. Leverage social media to build contacts. Use social media engagement to help build your thought leadership and following.
  4. Use social media for hiring purposes. Your current and former employees can be great sources for new employees.
  5. Social media optimization services maintain relationships with former employees. The objective is to continue to nurture relationships with employees since they may become future employees or other business contacts.

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Benefits of Social Media Marketing to Reduce Marketing Expenses

A few short years ago, marketers called social media the free marketing format. The reality is that, while some social media marketing platforms may be free to use, they were NEVER free since they required employee effort and other resources.

Social Media Optimization

Instead marketers should measure improved return on each marketing dollar invested in social media. This requires tracked all resources used including employee time (across departments), special services and outsources support. 51% of marketers benefit from social media marketing to reduce marketing expense.

This means that marketers must become better at capitalizing on each social media interaction. Think beyond vanity metrics such as likes to engagement and hand raisers.

Change your thinking from increased interaction to more effective interaction, even if this means additional resources are needed for better quality content or supporting social media advertising.

Actionable Social Media Marketing Tips:

  1. Track your full breadth of social media activities. This means employee time (across disciplines such as marketing, creative and technology), resources and outsourced support.
  2. Create more effective and reliable metrics to track your social media investment. Work with your finance / analytics team. With regard to expenses, this means return on social media investment and sales and leads attributable to social media.
  3. Augment your social media optimization interaction with social media marketing. Many platforms are starting to test and rollout advertising products. As a result, your natural social media traffic and reach will get eroded. Therefore add a small budget to test advertising.

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