Benefits of Social Media Marketing to Grow Business Partnerships

While social media marketing is more likely to yield business partnerships for B2B marketers than B2C marketers based on the research, underestimate this benefit at your peril.

Also, this is more important for small businesses with limited resources since you can make your business appear larger than it is. 58% of marketers benefit from social media marketing to grow business partnerships.

social media optimization

Every business works with other businesses in one form or another such as suppliers, and distributors. Assume that the executives and sales team are looking at your presence and your employees’ presence on social media at a minimum to gain insights to help their business relations.

Remember in today’s social media services connected world chances are that your business contacts and future employees are following your activity as well as that of your employees on social media.

Actionable Social Media Marketing Tips:

  1. Set social media guidelines for your entire organization. Don’t limit this to your social media managers. This means all of your employees and customers. Consider what they can do as employees and as private individuals.
  2. Create a business presence on the major social media platforms. At a minimum, consider Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.
  3. Leverage social media to build contacts. Use social media engagement to help build your thought leadership and following.
  4. Use social media for hiring purposes. Your current and former employees can be great sources for new employees.
  5. Social media optimization services maintain relationships with former employees. The objective is to continue to nurture relationships with employees since they may become future employees or other business contacts.

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Benefits of Social Media Marketing to Reduce Marketing Expenses

A few short years ago, marketers called social media the free marketing format. The reality is that, while some social media marketing platforms may be free to use, they were NEVER free since they required employee effort and other resources.

Social Media Optimization

Instead marketers should measure improved return on each marketing dollar invested in social media. This requires tracked all resources used including employee time (across departments), special services and outsources support. 51% of marketers benefit from social media marketing to reduce marketing expense.

This means that marketers must become better at capitalizing on each social media interaction. Think beyond vanity metrics such as likes to engagement and hand raisers.

Change your thinking from increased interaction to more effective interaction, even if this means additional resources are needed for better quality content or supporting social media advertising.

Actionable Social Media Marketing Tips:

  1. Track your full breadth of social media activities. This means employee time (across disciplines such as marketing, creative and technology), resources and outsourced support.
  2. Create more effective and reliable metrics to track your social media investment. Work with your finance / analytics team. With regard to expenses, this means return on social media investment and sales and leads attributable to social media.
  3. Augment your social media optimization interaction with social media marketing. Many platforms are starting to test and rollout advertising products. As a result, your natural social media traffic and reach will get eroded. Therefore add a small budget to test advertising.

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Benefits of Social Media Marketing to Improve Search Engine Rankings

Social Media Optimization

This should be a no-brainer for marketers. Every planned piece of content and communication posted on a social media marketing services platform should be optimized for search, especially since social media interactions show up on search engine results pages (or SERPs). 61% of marketers benefit from social media marketing to improve search rankings.

Actionable Social Media Marketing Tips:

  1. Optimize every piece of content you post on social media for one of your keyword phrases. This is particularly important for non-text information that might not be searchable otherwise.
  2. Create a social media optimization process for your organization. Distribute it to everyone involved in social media marketing and related teams such as your web team.
  3. Incorporate social media optimization into people’s job. This means track how well they’re doing and contributing to your social media rankings.
  4. Track social media optimization contribution to search rankings. Don’t assume that a list is sufficient to get you to the next level. Measure it.

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Benefits of Social Media Marketing to Generate Leads

Leverage the power of social media to grow both the quantity and quality of your leads. Understand that social media marketing is part of the sales process but not necessarily the entire thing.  (To help you with your lead generation, check out these best lead generation tips ever!!!)

Social Media Optimization Services

Most of this gets down to offering the 5 basic content formats. 66% of marketers benefit from social media marketing to generate leads.

Actionable Social Media Marketing Tips:

  1. Answer your customers’ purchase related questions. If you don’t, your competitors may! This should be a no-brainer because your entire customer facing employees answers them on a regular basis. Don’t take my word for it, see how Marcus Sheridan generated $2 million by answering 1 key question about his pool company.
  2. Offer ratings and reviews. This is scary for most marketers. Understand that customers trust other customers more than they trust your marketing communications. If you’ve got a problem, fix it and respond to upset customers. Skip the Teflon “We’re sorry!”
  3. Use premium social media options to extend your reach. Pay to collect prospect information and be able to continue the conversation. This is particularly useful on social media optimization services like SlideShare.

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SMO Expert the Social Media Optimization Service Provider in India

It is possible to revamp your business through social media optimization. Social media sites offer great opportunities for businesses to expand its base at a great pace. The products and services can be promoted through social media sites. In this context, social sites are coming up with new solution to offer a solid platform through which targeted audience can be reached and returns on investment can be enhanced in an efficient manner. Regardless of the kind of website that you will create, you should want to implement Google SEO techniques so that your website’s visibility becomes very high.


Through Social Media Optimization (SMO) process we make your content easily shareable across the social web as there are many options available in today’s world where people can view your content. Target is to drive as much traffic to website as possible and ensure people go through creative content and attractive designs. The content and the design of the site should be developed in such a way that it should be visible on every required widget, required app and social media entry points providing desired benefits to your brand, the content should be more transportable for better and desired results.

Social Media Optimization Services Which and We More We Provide:

  1. Integration of social media into your Website
  2. Setup and configuration of Social Media Accounts – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and other Web 2.0 websites
  3. Linking Social Media accounts together for greater efficiency
  4. Blog design, setup and optimization on Word Press, Blogger, and other CMS platforms.
  5. Engaging followers of your brand with special offers
  6. Customization of your Facebook page
  7. Customization of your Twitter background
  8. Customization of your YouTube channel
  9. Customization of your Google+ page Widget strategy development
  10. Brand Promotion and Customer base building
  11. Creation and promotion of videos for better search engine rankings and targeted traffic to website
  12. Targeted PPC campaigns across all social networks
  13. Viral Marketing
  14. Write and distribute articles and press releases
  15. Create and/or run contests using social networking accounts

SMO Expert provides you these Social Media Services to make you rank first and achieve a big win in the market and web.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing to Provide Marketplace Insights

Monitor social media to find out more about your prospects, customers, business partners, employees and competitors. 71% of marketers benefit from social media optimization to provide marketplace insights.


Actionable Social Media Marketing Tips:

  1. Check what your competitors are posting on social media services. Examine the quantity and quality of their interactions. What can you learn from them?
  2. Find out what your followers want by asking questions. Where possible use open ended inquiries that require more than a yes or no.
  3. Examine social media platforms by categories. This is particularly important to see what information customers are seeking. Look at YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram who are very much work in social media optimization India. How are your products and your competitors’ products being shown in context?

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Benefits of Social Media Marketing to Increase the Fan Following

Remember that not all fans are created equal. 72% of marketers benefit from social media marketing to develop loyal fans.

To support loyal fans, you need to be present and engaged on social media. This means regular interactions.

social media optimization

Fans that have purchased from you in the past provide credibility that’s hard to acquire as a marketer. Marketers are learning that most fans become fans post-purchase, according to research by Synapse.

Many prospects will follow your company just for the special offers or discounts.

Actionable Social Media Tips:

  1. Build your social media fanbase. Make targeted offers and special content only on social media so that your customers will want to be associated with you there.
  2. Leverage your website and other owned media to build your fan base.  Social media fans rarely happen without marketing. You need to leverage each element of your marketing mix to support this goal.
  3. Use your follow up emailing to drive fans. Ask fans in your emailing and other content to like you on Facebook.
  4. Include a call-to-action on your post purchase email to encourage photo sharing and reviews. Go one step beyond the easy fan action. Ask new owners to strut their stuff wearing your stuff. Bear in mind Instagram is starting to hit its stride with buyers.
  5. Encourage fans to invite their friends. The logic is that people are friends with other people who share their interests. Of course, with social media services you may need to make them a special offer!

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